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Based on the five forms of shoemaking mentioned above,Nagase proposes the new concept of the
Nagase Corporation

Working towards NSF, at the helm of a new era

The Nagase philosophy for the establishment of business involves “fostering character and making a contribution to society,” and we have been putting this into practice when manufacturing shoes. Today, this practice is gaining high repute everywhere through the improvement of performance and the expansion of the company.

In addition, manufacturers in developed counties confront issues surrounding the globalization and informatization of the manufacturing environment.

Even in the example of the fashion industry, there are numerous issues regarding the globalization of distribution systems, fixation of market segments, encoding of merchantability, speeding up of the product lifecycle, and the primacy of brand-name goods, among other concerns.

At Nagase, we have progressed with the restructuring of factory functions more rapidly than our competitors in order to respond to such changes. Enhanced use of information technology as a manufacturer is the main element in our reconstruction efforts. This includes the introduction of automated office equipment into the administrative departments, computerization in the planning and manufacturing departments (CAD, CAM, etc.), and the creation of web pages utilizing the Internet.

Based on comprehensive quality control, we adopt positive approaches to information.Nagase always aims at being a manufacturer tackling the challenges of marketability in our era.

Network Shoe Factory

One of the characteristics of Nagase as a manufacturer is the enrichment of area surrounding the facilities for the purpose of supporting manufacturing.

The NSF includes technical training and sensitivity education for employees, the positive introduction of the computer software for designing, managing, selling and development of products, creating web pages through the Internet, and sales promotion utilizing advertising media.

Nagase positions all such activities as parts of a system as a manufacturer aiming at a departure from mass production for market segmentation and OR (quick response), and puts the “Network Shoe Factory” (NSF) into practice.

Seen from the examples of thoroughness of QC (quality control), promotion of CR (community release), and response to QR, Nagase is always one step ahead.